Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Post for The End of This Year

Hellooo from the other side hehe

This time I want to share my 2015 lately.. there are many things I have to be grateful for. I learned many things, I failed many too. I step closer to freedom yet I have to be struggle to be independent. I dream of being success, yet I'm not sure if I already in the right path or not. Like IU's song in 23, I spent my 23 just like irony: I have the darkest side yet I think I'm really a good girl. I want to make money but I want to be free. I want to fall in love but I want to act childishly annoying.

Fly the time to the beginning of 2015.

January. I got a job. It's not like job that you think before, I have a unique one. I am grateful that I can open one door of new opportunity, new side of my self. I studied a lot of new things, in between architecture, interior and urban matters. Real good except for I have to commute and wasting a lot of time to travel. Yet, I'm not a good worker though. I already propose to take a break for 10 days (that's a lot!) But I believe that decision I make, get me to the new interesting things. I took time to traveling with my bestfriend to Singapore and Malaysia. We stay with local people in their apartments which I never tought to try before. We got to know better the citizen plus their city, we plan our schedule by ourself, we go around in the city without problem. We save alot of money from not taking any to hotel cost. As a plus we got the new family. It changes my whole perspective about traveling. Don't have to waste alot of money to get the experience. Before this, I believe that I won't go anywhere without an important things to do and alot of people as my company. Now I think I can go anywhere by myself hahaa... Nice. Really nice~

February. I met a lot of great people. The project already started and we have opportunity to share the stories, experiences. My collagues is the best too. I learned alot about their motivation, their dreams, determination to get what they want. I kinda envy, actually. I just take things too slow.

March. Project getting busy and busier. Its not that I'm asking "do we have to do things like this?" but at that time I don't know if it really make me learn much or not. I feel so down at this time. A lot of rejections, surveys, presentations, and yet I can't predict anything about this project.

April. I joined Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau. You can say its an escape from working, but actually I always devoted my time to do something beside my usual activities. Moreover, its about kids, education, and rural community. Island, beach and the sea is a big bonus! Why, why... I can't refuse to not to join. Its turn out to be my precious opportunity to connect with another great fellow. I get to know a lot of professional from many fields. Later I get to know Rumah Harapan, Save Payon Campaign, Bogor Traveler from KIJP~ so happy~

May. I met great friends from Bogor traveling community. You know, joined Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau give me chance to connected with people who have the same hobby. Actually I really want to travel more. But sometimes, waiting your friends to make some time and traveling with you is not that easy. This is the place where we can join travel, and we will make it even just 3 people who is going, feel free to join or make plan later. No hard feeling at all! I already wandering to Ujung Genteng, Gunung Salak, and Gunung Padang. Hopefully will make another trip to the great place

June. Not much things happened. I think I starting to doubt about my choice. Really, I don't know anymore about things I want to do actually hahaa. Maybe its because of 20 something life crisis, right? When you think you already feel free from college and got a job then you don't know what kind of job you really want. Honestly I always want to be enterpreneur. But I like to learn anything so I actually enjoying academic things like research, make paper, competition, etc. If I'm not mistaken, at this month, I have to complete my paper for engineering international seminar research at Lombok.

July. Hemm.. I don't know if I have any decent memory or not about this month..but I feel so sad because studio will be empty soon. All of internship student will be back to their home when I feel we already really close. This month is Ramadhan if I'm not mistaken. A lot of events for breakfasting. But I can't fulfill my target this Ramadhan. Kinda sad...

August. Alot of things happened. Just. A. Lot. hahaha.. This month got me to a really painful memories yet I have the most pleasing news and event. Painful memories? Its a secret though but it hit me in my deepest heart. For all people's sake, I think I will take this matter with me down to my grave. Yet I got announced that 2 of my design product already curated and allowed to be exhibited in Glasgow, United Kingdom! Two products! Can you imagine? Happy tears! Oh yeah, I presented my paper too so at this month I fly to Lombok and get a chance to touch beach and sand again~~ oh yeah, because of the paper at Lombok, we have opportunity to be a speaker for JKTWS 2015 and it means I have to presented my paper in front of Japanese professor and students. So much feels. One more things, because of the graduation of my best friends, I have chance to illustrated Dr. Seuss' book: Oh The Places You'll Go and give it to them as present. I hope in the future I can illustrated more books.

September. New project. New responsibility. Honestly I think its a bit annoying. Oh I don't know why but I don't know what to do. Its like they are dragging me before I make decision. They give me no choice to left. Oh why. But dearrr in this month I have the most pleasing experience everrr. We have a chance to exhibit our products at Glasgow, United Kingdom. You know, its always my dream to be surrounded with old buildings, red mapple leaves, autumn feels~ moreover, you go there because they appreciate things you make. This is my first time go accross the continent. Then I believe someday I will go there again. I will. Definitely.

October. I joined KIJP again as inspirator! What an experience! I always join as a photographer before because I don't have a proper experience of being a professional. Then, I was recommended for join as inspirator. It means I have to teach a class and its much more difficult than I think before. For bonus, Pari Island is really beautiful! I enjoyed every inch of this island.

November. Last month of one project. It give lot of feels. At the same time I feel happy and annoyed lol. I'm happy finally this is reach to the end, but not so smoothly so I'm kinda sad. I learn more about community. I got chance to fill in a psychology class, and maybe I have interest in tutoring hahaa. But this month really give me a nerves. Lot of things to do but all of people are missing already. Busy but there are just plenty of us who still left.

December. Hemm.. I'm not sure but I think I really need a better plan fot the next year. 2015 was awesome yet I still have  alot of things to do left. Actually I have a lot of drawing commisions, sewing commisions, design, writing, etc, but I have to do it one by one. I'm sorry to dissapointed you all.. I don't have intention to hold the project but juggling to one another is much more difficult now. I'm thinking of have a new job next year. I'm about to resign because I don't think I can do the commute everyday.

So, I still have many things to do until the new year come. I will work my ass off to finish all.
I have many plans in my head for 2016 and I can't wait to do it already. My birthday coming so soon. Good bye my puzzling 23~ I hope I can manage all of things better in the future. Next year target I want to apply for some of university so that I can learn more. I want to do my business too. I will go to Korea XD. Hope it will going well.

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