Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just Imagining Happy Things!

When the round sun rises the first
thing I do is to think happy thoughts...
One, two, three get up from the bed
give a great big yawn like a hippo...
Open both eyes nice and big
stretch out ...
Enjoy the happy imaginations
Don't forget happy happy things.

In the morning with a refreshing breeze
when I'm chilling out...
When I look even better than usual
and everyhing I put on seems to be even prettier
When I walk listening to your favorite music
when I get to the bus on time...
When the rush hour is especially bad
but the guy in front of me gets up
When everything works out as expected
from now I set my own expectations
When I eat something very tasty
Oh my! Didn't even push but easy trip to the bathroom
Oh! When I leave on bonus vacation
Along with him, my love...
Just imagining this makes me feel so happy
Don't forget! Happy happy things.

When I see my friends for the first time in a while
When I just feel so good and I dance! my! ass! off!
When my brain just seems to work well
You don't say! I didn't even study but got a hun-dred
Oh! When you miss that someone
When you understand my feelings
Just imagining this will make you happy
Happy, happy things-
Something that anyone can do
if you want a happy life
Just imagining this will make you happy
Don't forget! Happy happy things.

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