Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lembang, Bandung

Finally we went to Bandung for the holiday~
Actually I don't think I can make it since I always hesitate to go. Then, Ssu ask us to go together~ This is my first time riding a train to Bandung and it was an amazing moment. The ticket is around 85K IDR. We get to ride a Parahyangan Train on 5am departure. I can't sleep actually because I'm afraid I will be missed the train. 

After we arrived at Bandung station, then we hop on our travel car. You can rent a car plus driver for 400K IDR per day plus 150K for gasoline and another 50K for tip of driver. 

We arrived at Bandung around 8.30am so we plan to have a breakfirst. We went to Miss Bee Providore restaurant in Ciumbaleuit. The restaurant have a really sweet ambience with vintage-ish interior. The restaurant itself built in a house and located a bit far from the main street. There are several zoning you can choose: glasshouse, outdoor, kids playground, and inside the house itself. They have two open kitchen. I'm amazed by how they utilized their front yard to be kids playground, even they have some of rabbit holes in it! The glasshouse is amazing though. The structure is clean. They open at 7am and only served breakfast menu until 11-12am. So we ordered 2 menu and believe me, they have a huge portion. That is why the price is rather expensive but worthy to a bit. I order lychee tea for about 20K++ IDR but you can fill your cup like three times I think? I really enjoyed the ambience, interior, and even I have chance to catch up with some bunnies!

So after leaving Miss Bee at 10.30 am, we go to Lembang to meet some of dutches in Fram House, Bandung. The ticket is around 10K IDR but you can have free milk or sausages. They said that the place is just opened so its a bit crowded. Selfies everywhere~ 
I love how they portayed european ambience in this place to its detail! Their mini shops is really cute tho. They have hobbit house too! (yeah I know, New Zealand and Netherland is really far hhaa) I really fascinated about how they can managed all of the flowers and plants~ Its really pretty~
They have some of animals to be display too. You can see some of birds in cage, bunnies and sheeps! The white sheeps just like you see in Shaun the Sheep hehee

After that, we go to De'Ranch. I never go to any ranch before so Its really good to see a lot of beautiful horses in one place. The ticket is IDR 10K and you can do a lot of activities in here like: riding horses, riding little pony, climbing, some water playground, etc. I think, the facilities are addressed for family who have little children so for young adult like us there are not many choices than riding horse, take some photos, and eat. We don't have chances for riding because we don't have much time there.

For total cost we spent:

Train Ticket : IDR 160K
Travel Bus: IDR 150K
Ticket: IDR 20K
Etc: IDR 100K
Total: IDR 430K


  1. Mupeng.... kapan-kapan lagi ya pas guenya bisa~

    1. iyoooooooo laaah~ can't wait for korea journey XD


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