Friday, August 1, 2014

A Father and His Two Little Girls

This is story about a father
and two of his little daughter....

 One shiny day, a father ask his two little daughter
"Let's having fun! Where do you wanna go? How about theme park?"

It's been a long time since they going out together. Moreover, it's kinda rare to get this chance. A father and his two little daughter didn't always have time to meet more often.

"Yaai. Just yaai~ where will we go now?"

"JungleLand, Sentul City. Dad always go to this area for bussines and dying to tell you about this theme park. You two must be happy to be there." said father.

Before reach the area, they go for breakfast.
"Dad always have meet up for bussines in this food area. The scenery of this place is great!"

After breakfast, they run to the theme park.
"Do you know?"
"We have to go over that hill to find the park. You will have a theme park surrounded by forest and mountain. Isn't that great?" said the father.

Finally, they reach the theme park.
It just crowded, really crowded. They have to take a long queue to buy tickets.
But the wait is worth. 
This theme park just like a hidden fairy land in the middle of mountain.

 We're here~

"Let's ride that first!" said father.
"Yaai~ Let's goo~"

 "Uhmm.. Dad, didn't you say that WE will ride that together?"
"No, Dad just afraid of height. You two can ride that hehee.."
Yes, just like a father let his toddler sit in the first day of school, he come with this kind of smile...

After all of the ride,only food can recharge their energy~

Thai-suki~ suki desu~

And this is the end of their journey...

You know what?
You kind of worry with the fact
that two of your daughter has grown up
Yes, we're not children anymore,
I'm 22 and my sister got 20 this year

After all, I and my sister just go for 3 rides
And my dad didn't want to go for any ride hhee
But the most important is, we take a trip together!
We ate delicious foods, we chat happily, laugh freely
I'm wondering...
how many years ahead we can take this childish trip together?
Really, I just think my dad always take us to be his little girls,
forever his two little daughter.

I'm just wondering..
this year is start of my independence,
because I will graduate from college
and go to the harsh world of adult
Actually, I'm worrying how my future will be

But, no need to worry, Dad!
You can always think I'm your little daughter,
But can you just relaxing your shoulder a bit?
Let me grow up, let me take this journey of independent

I'll be someone you proud of
This is how I can pay what you give to me..

Just.. let me..
No need to worry that much :)
I'll be fine~~

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