Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Iseng-iseng Tes EQ

The following is a summarized version of your results, categorized as Strengths, Potential Strengths, and Limitation.


 · You are emotionally self-aware
 · You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses
 · You are comfortable with emotions in general
 · You are doing well in the area of Emotional Facilitation of Thought
 · Your approach to problem solving is conducive to resolution
 · You have a positive mindset
 · You are empathetic
 · You possess good impulse control
 · You show good self-control
 · You show resilience/hardiness
 · You possess healthy coping skills
 · You are self-motivated
 · You are able/willing to adapt your social skills to the circumstances around you
 · You are assertive
 · You have a healthy level of self-esteem
 · You seem to be quite content
 · You are able to act independently
 · You are flexible

Potential Strengths

 · You have a satisfactory emotional IQ level
 · You are doing reasonably well in the area of Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression
 · You were sometimes able to recognize the emotions depicted on the test
 · You do not ruminate excessively, which is good, but you also may not give things sufficient thought
 · You sometimes act in accordance with your values
 · You are doing reasonably well in the area of Emotional Understanding
 · You performed relatively well on the emotional integration aspect of the test
 · You are somewhat socially insightful
 · You are doing reasonably well in the area of Emotional Management
 · You are moderately driven towards further self-development
 · You are sometimes able to let go/rise above minor issues


 · You did not always choose the most ideal form of resolution for others' conflict situations on the test
 · The manner in which YOU would resolve conflict situations on the test were not always the most beneficial 

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