Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Global Lead Summit

I try to write in english, even though I really sucks with grammar, pardon me with all of the mistakes :P

On 13th to 17th August I attended an event about leadership in Padang, West Sumatra. It's really an interesting event for me because maybe this is my first time joined event other than architectural theme. This time, I took a leadership camp with the other 80 delegates from 13 countries all over the world (not just Asia :) anyway). Since this event was for college student and fresh graduate, I already state in my mind that i will be the oldest among them :"") but I don't care anyway. I have this such a cute face :P

Well, our first day was so amazing, even when we have a really tiring day. Our first dinner was in Basko Plaza, near with the hostel in LPMP. National Delegates and International delegates are easily mingle with each other. We ate one table with 3 of Indonesian delegates, 5 Japanese delegates and 2 from Malaysia. Until when we back to hostel again, I come up with 4 of really sweet Vietnam girls and 1 beautiful hijab girl from Thailand.

We stayed at Hayam Wuruk hotel and hold all of the events there. My roommates are Zika from IPB and Kelly from Philiphines. I'm amazed with how a lot of words in Indonesia are similar with tagalog, or local dialect in Philiphines. I don't remember all of the words, but usually they come up with switching verb and adverb.

Aaand the lessons was great. The chair, Bang Gatot, was former of young teacher in Indonesia Mengajar. Usually, they started sessions with presentation slides, group activities, inspirational videos, and the last, sharing session. The material was really can open my mind. I always think leader is a person who can take everything over. Because with my little leadership experience, I always take and thinking all and easily forget the other jobdesk. I always worrying too much with all of the worst plan. They said that, all of us, as the future global leader, not the perfect person. But we have our great friends all over us. Great leader is a person who can make others dreaming together and make it happen together. The question is, how can make other people dreaming with you? How can make people agree and stand up for you? There are many factors, but the most important thing is: INFLUENCE.

Different people makes different style to influence other people. Some of people likes to lead by who is caring, some of them likes to lead by who is smart, some of them likes to lead by the smart one. Just mix it up with our strenght point. Give your follower clear visions about what will you do, what will your followers do. My favorite quotes is: A great leader not makes follower. A Great leader is a person who makes a new leader. And I just realized that: to lead, is to teach, is to inspire, is to make a great example for other people. Leadership not only for boss, not only for a leader. Leadership skill can be done by everyone eventough they are not in leader position. At this point i remember what Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia said this when the proclamation of freedom: "Kalian bisa dengan tertib berkumpul di sini, semata-mata hanya karena kalian bisa menjadi pemimpin atas diri kalian sendiri." Everyone have responsible to lead themself. Yes, that is why, everyone know what their positions, what their own role to make dreams happen.

One important point: Your leadership skill is just for social impact, not for your own interest. Event tough you are a bussinessman, if you think about how to make your staffs wealthy, you will have a sustainable company. But if you only think about yourself, you won't be stand for a long time. Just thinking for self interest, that's what our country gone through: CORRUPTION problem.

Our aim is to make world better, we will be global future leader. The first thing we have to do is open our mind, open our eyes. Makes our brain knows about global issues, take that with our heart and make actions by our body. That's what I learn from this really great 3 days event.

Other than the material and main program, I'm verry happy to have many new friends from all over the place in this world. Actually, at this time is my first solo trip. I really scared at first but relieved by the heartwarming friends eventough we just met. I never felt alone :). Also, I have many sweet memories to bring with me. Until I write this post, my FB never stop receive notification for photos tag :P

Join this event makes me want to going abroad. My parents and some of people said that its unnecessary. But I think its really okay if we try to understand other culture by being a minority. I never live by my own feet until this day. Isn't that important to learn live by ourself? And, understand the difference can't be just by read. We have to try emic approach: how to think like insider.

Maybe someday, someday I'll be going abroad for several years, makes my great experience, and come back to Indonesia for make difference. Eh, no, no, the contribution have to start NOW, but it'll be great if we have global visions and make our world better :)

That's all. Its my rensposibility to share with all of you guys~~

Can't wait for the other great experience~ I'm hoping for the next great event~

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