Saturday, January 22, 2011


My recent habit is wearing and mix & match my old clothes and make it more useful than stayed all year in my cupboard

Hemm i have alot of dress and costum because my mother love to sewing my clothes.
But after she made it, i can't wear it to anywhere because it's not casual clothes that we can wear it daily

I like to have some self photoshoot cam *hahaa narcistic XD* but it not good enough to post here hhahaa

Oh, but i have my favorite photoshoot, it's from my yearbook.
The theme is white, so i wear mini dress with opaque (white socks)
This dress is so cheap, its around Rp.50.000,- (5 US$)
and i love the shoes, cute and frilly, and it's wedges type, so i can walk around without fall hhahaa

Aaaand i want to show you my farewell dress when i was in junior high school
Its black color and frilly skirt just like Lolita dress
Its make me happy when wearing this
I have no photos in that farewell party
Sooo i take this photo yesterday, when i have the mood to wear this dress again

Anyway, in midyear, my department in campus has an event for our senior's graduation.
They said that the theme for dresscode is vintage
I wanted to wear this dress and make hair accessories just like lady in england

or like this one

Hahaa its so fun when I imagining this event

Ohyeeeaah not forget to make Lolita dress with Ssu
We make a secret plan to attending cosplay event and wear maid dress with nekomimi
Hahaa crazy plan isn't it?
Just seeing our friends cosplaying make us envy and wanna join them too

Like this one : 
or this one

Its not fixed yet when we want to sewing our dress
and Ssu is so picky, she only wanted to join indoor event
Sooo just wait when we will wearing this hahaa
Can't wait to attend that event
I hope our premier cosplay would be good hhaahaa


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