Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday JJ

TVHeyhaaa its JJ's birthday now ulalaaa ulalalaa~~ *dancing*

Woah, I have been loving him for almost 3 years now hhahaa.. and its never changing, my heart always beat faster when i hear his voice, when i see his lovely pic or when i read his twitter *LOL ^^ *

Don't know why, I never change to other person and there are too much reason why I'm loving him. 

I never get enough of JJ hhahaa~~
This feeling is a bit odd, i mean, we never met before and I just see him from my lappie's monitor. But there are times when i miss him so bad, just like a real person that i always met everyday

Huooh God, pleasee~~ let me see him once in my life. DX

He has a please-god-this-is-too-good-to-be-true angelic voice
a cute aging-backwards pretty face, 
the-most-random-and-4D personality
humble-yet-polite-professional act of artist

Yeaah let me introduce you to my motivator XDD
I get courage when reading his true story and he is one of reason why i can pass my university exam and got accepted at the two of the best college in my country hhahaaa

Stage Name: Hero (Young Woong)
Real Name: Kim Jae Joong (김재중)
Position: Main Vocals
Age: 24/25 (Western/Korean)
Registered Birthday: January 26, 1986
Actual Birthday: Feburary 4, 1986
Birthplace : Choong Nam
Education: "3rd Year University Student"
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Games and listening to music
Special Ability: Singing
2nd Annual SM Best Competition - Best Appearance 1st Place

Born in 1986, he was born with the blood-type O and has the personality of someone with the blood type. He is the main vocalist of the Korean group "TVXQ" (Dong Bang Shin Gi), and carries out the role of the "big brother" with Yunho (Jae Joong Jr) . He gives the most criticism to the members regarding music. Jaejoong has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly. His neat and tidy personality is portrayed in the dorm they live in; cleaning every corner of the house is blatantly a part of this trait, but he also is interested in cooking and feeds everyone in the group. Is the 'mother' of the group. Exceptional cooking skills and can prepare 15 kinds of dishes easily. Won the best looking award from SM and is a pretty boy, but his hobby is weight training -- he has a great, masculine body in contrast to his feminine face. Is interested in people's relationships and likes to love.

Right now Jaejoong cooks for his members. He improved his cooking skills while preparing for his debut also his parent's contribution was the biggest. Jaejoong's parents owns a restaurant in ChoongNam KwangJoo. JaeJoong went through lots of hardship during his youth. He took many part-time jobs from working in a convenience store, to delivering chicken, newspapers, and manual labor; there's nothing he hasn't done. Jaejoong also appeared in the movie 'Taeguki wa Hweenalli myuh' (waving the Korean flag) as an extra but its really difficult to find him in the movie. He appeared as one of the Chinese soliders. Jaejoong's special talent is his husky voice, but the one thing he likes the most is his eyebrows. When he was young his dream was to be a supermarket owner because he would be able to eat as many cookies as he would want. 

for more: here

the combination beetwen JJ and cat is so lovely <3
that is why i love him, he would do anything to pleased his fans hhehee

he is so cute in this:

and smokin hot in this MV:

at first i dont believe they are the same person hhahaa
the difference is soooo *speechless*

huooh JJ's voice here is so angelic

Nyaaah~~ all of you have to see that, they are the most professional artist that i respect so much
They are smart, can sing very good (too good for accapela), dance well, polite, humble, dorky, funny, hot, huaaah too many reasooon

You have to check their concerts and their songs yeaai

Ok, end here hhoo... can't get enough if I spam about JJ or Tohoshinki or JYJ yeeay hhahaa

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