Saturday, January 15, 2011

An Essay about Cat

By: Jaejoong

Cats really are animals that humans can learn a lot from.

Sometimes they are too lazy, looking silly
But when they move, they run around with passion

Cats enjoy both passion and laziness at the same time, there are no (conditions) in between!
Seems like they don’t like an intermediate state

Their character is very straightforward
Thinking they are the best n the world
Maybe it’s because of this, so feelings of like and dislike are clearly expressed

Actually, I really envy these kind of cats
In terms of relationship, I could never be straightforward
Hurting by myself, or maybe causing others to misunderstand
If I have straightforward characteristic like cats, at least I wouldn’t leave behind sad feelings.

Cat doesn’t seem to like me
No matter how hard I true, as long as he doesn’t like it, he wouldn’t spare a single glance
As a pet, though I don’t know if he is the most hateful
But his straightforward ways of expressing feelings, a way to not get hurt, and other ways of loving me
I really want to learn from him

credit : Baidu
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