Wednesday, January 5, 2011

stranger's talk :D

These day i like to chat with some strangers in omegle. If we meet a nice one, you can ask any of your problem and they will answer that wisely. Its one of sweet stranger whom i met last monday, he is 22 years old and his condition is drunk hhaa. But he type english well because he's good with english! Thats a big loss when i cant get his email because he is the sweetest people whom i talked to. Ooh be careful with some stranger, sometimes they crazy and I always disconnect if I met one hhee... Soo i want to share some random question that i ask hhee

What does it mean when someone pats you on the head?
You: It happens to me so much!! What's the deal?
Stranger: I think people use that as a non-verbal "you're special"
You: i think they're just wanna make fun on me?
Stranger: If they rub the top of your head and mess your hair a bit, it's an affectionate thing.
You: yeah there is someone like to do that to me
Stranger: It's like when they pat you on the head after something you say, they're at a loss for words on how to respond.
Stranger: Or, it might just be because you're short.
You: hahaa you're right, im a shorty hha
Stranger: :P
You: so what kind of feeling they have, i'm kinda confused with their act
You: my friend said that there are no other way they can communicate with me
Stranger: lol is it after you say something absurd or outlandish?
You: nope, it happen so suddenly
Stranger: lol well then it probably is because you're short then.
You: when i just standing or chat with other friend
Stranger: as for the feelings behind this, it's probably a term of endearment lol
You: huoo thats a strange act, why they don't just give me an ice cream then? hhee
Stranger: because ice cream isn't cheap these days, as preferable as that may be lol
You: hahaaa well yeaah
You: many of my friend want to get 'pats on the head', i wonder why, i thought its one of bullying act hhaa
Stranger: lol is it closed fist or open palm?
You: open palm?
Stranger: lol then they're just poking fun at you
Stranger: it's what friends do lol
You: hahaa ouw i get that hhe

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