Monday, January 10, 2011

Holy Holy Month

Yehaaa my one month holiday already started and i'm sooo happy because my best friend coming to town and we can spend time together :D
Wahoo thanks to my besties for accompanying me go around the town and takes some memories pic hehee
I missed this moment alot because we were busy with college and have no time to fooling around like that hhehee

This is my holymonth-activities-to-do-list

★Finding some tasty food
★Take photos
★Go around the town
☆Go to Bandung *ngebolang hha
☆Go to some japanese events
☆Cosplaying --> seems difficult to realized
★Attending some exhibition events
☆Sewing some crafts
☆Finishing my artwork *hotairballoon*
☆Sewing my own costume
☆Spending one fun night with my friends *aiih missed them
☆Watching Heaven's Postman with Fara :D
Watching some movies at film teather
☆Get my driving license
☆Learning some basic physics and Aljabar
★Reading some comics at books cafe

i already did some of them hhaa

Selfcam hahaa

Our Papi :D

Domo-kun!! with our favorite snack : Es Potong Happy Day :D

Hugging Ondel Ondel XD

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