Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ruru Ruru :D

Yeah finally i'm attending one of exhibition at Galeri Nasional, Gambir. This exhibition is about 'Ruang Rupa' or how we can mention it in english yemm errr.. Fine Art Space? Hahaa forget it i'm sucks with english haha

This event was sooo interesting :D. We are not just see artworks that placed there but we can feel the atmosphere and enjoying the space. Huooh that event open my mind about exhibition. Its so much fun because we are included in their artworks and playing with them. The meaning of it is just too good. How can they thinking so far? Hehee.. Thats why my tutor said that artists are intelligent than it looks

 all of people in this photos have canine teeth

 this man is my most favorite canine teeth people because its suit him so bad hhee

 Bajaj, one of Jakarta's transportation

 Little people's smile
I like the quotes at the center hehee

 all of this made from little cutie thin lego
can you imagine how many lego they used for an owl?

Piknik Kit!!
Hahaa its commercial video was so laughable haha

Hoaah i can't wait for their next event hhee
Today, i want to attending an exhibition about Urban Expression at Grand Indonesia
I hope i can learn more than yesterday event.
I'll post it if i have the mood hhahaa

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